Corporate Mission Statement

Lorencic Bauservice stands for technology + service for building professionals!

The Lorencic Construction Service brand has been standing for Technology + Service for the construction professional for more than 25 years! Due to our commitment to product- and service quality, we gain customer satisfaction every day, not only in Austria but also in most parts of Central- and Eastern Europe.

Dipl.-Ing Walter Pacher, CEO Lorencic

The construction professionals benefit from our huge range of construction machinery brands, accessories and special construction material brands as well as from our high service standards. The Lorencic service centre staff offer innovative and custom-made solutions, and above all, it is their profound knowledge and commitment what makes the Lorencic company a lasting and reliable partner for all customers.

Our Corporate Mission Statement reflects all those virtues which are guidelines for our daily work. What stands behind, is the claim to permanently improve our competitive edge and to sustainably increase the company’s value.

Our corporate mission statement

The Lorencic Construction Service brand stands for Technology + Service for the construction professional!

As a leading international trading- and service rendering enterprise, LORENCIC offers an outstanding product portfolio and information service.

We are the first contact point for our customers because of our sophisticated product brands and service commitment. It is all founded on the quality of our performance, the profound expert knowledge and technical skills.

Sales, services, repairs and rentals are done via our own service centres. Our products and services are available quickly and conveniently.

Many years of experience and closeness to the customers generate safety and confidence in our company.

Our relationship to customers, suppliers and staff bases on a truly respectful communication and is characterised by commitment and readiness to take on responsibility.

For us it is of utmost importance to maintain mutual support and to be on friendly terms with each other. Every single person contributes to the overall success by acting professionally and efficiently.