• 1985

Lorencic Bauservice GmbH was founded by Heinz Lorencic

  • 1996

Joint-Venture with Tonstav Service in Budweis, Czeck Republic

Foundation of the first Lorencic affiliate in Zagreb, Croatia

  • 1998

Foundation of the Slovenian affiliate in Marburg

  • 1999

Lorencic Bauservice GmbH was sold to Schmid Industrie Holding GmbH and ECOnova Unternehmensberatung und Beteiligungsges.m.b.H., new CEO is Dr. Josef Walzer

  • 2000

Lorencic Bauservices takes over Baudienst GmbH & Co KG together with all affiliates in Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic

  • 2003

Foundation of the Polish affiliate in Warsaw

  • 2004

Foundation of the Rumanian affiliate in Satu Mare

  • 2005

Foundation of the Serbian affiliate in Belgrad

  • 2007

Foundation of the Bosnian affiliate in Sarajewo

  • 2013

Foundation of a second affiliate in Slovakia, based in Bratislava

  • 2014

The Schmid Industrie Holding GmbH becomes the 100% owner of the company. New CEO is Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Walter Pacher.